Monday, July 13, 2009

Druse News

Druse News : Dry Bones cartoon.
Druse and Circassian Israelis have protested against alleged government discrimination.

Here's the story as reported by Israel National News (run by the right wing/nationalist folks at Arutz Sheva)

Druze and Circassian Israelis protested on Thursday against alleged government discrimination. “All we're asking for is equality,” said organizer Salah Fares, head of the Forum of Druze and Circassians in Israel.

Protesters slowed traffic between the northern cities of Akko and Carmiel with a slow-moving procession of cars. Drivers waved black flags and the green, yellow, red, white and blue Druze flag.

The Forum held a demonstration earlier in the week as well, blocking traffic on Tuesday and calling on the government to help Druze and Circassian communities. The week before, activists held a rally outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem."-more

For more on Druse and Circassian Israelis, here's a previous piece from Ha'Aretz (Israel's left wing newspaper):

Druze, Circassian forum: Israel should remain a Jewish state
"The chairman of the forum of the Druze and Circassian authority heads, Nabiah Nasser A-Din, on Thursday criticized the "multi-cultural" Israeli constitution proposed by the Israeli Arab organization Adalah, saying that he finds it unacceptable.

"The state of Israel is Jewish state as well as a democratic state that espouses equality and elections. We invalidate and reject everything that the Adalah organization is requesting," he said.

Adalah recently wrote a proposed constitution classifying the State of Israel as a "bilingual and multicultural" country rather than a Jewish state." -more

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