Thursday, May 07, 2009

UN Bias (2004)

UN Bias : Dry Bones cartoon.
The VOA reported yesterday that:
Israeli President Calls UN Gaza Report 'Outrageous'
"Israel's President on Wednesday rejected as "outrageous" a U.N. inquiry that blamed Israel for six serious attacks on U.N. premises during its recent Gaza offensive.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said his government does not accept "one word" of the report, calling it "one-sided" and "unfair."

"We think it is outrageous. We shall never accept it," Mr. Peres said. "We do not think we have to apologize because we have the right to defend the lives of our children and women. They can stop the missiles? All the people who criticize us, can they stop the shooting? Can they stop the killing? The fact is, the minute we strike, they stop shooting."-more

Your thoughts?

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