Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Mail: War and Peace

Letters From Dry Bones
Posting a cartoon every weekday leaves no room for me to simply share news, ideas, and other stuff with you. So welcome to 'Sunday Mail: Letters from Dry Bones', the new, once-a-week Dry Bones feature.

Letters From Dry Bones
Item One: War and Peace:
Israel is always judged on its search for peace ... but our history is also the miraculous story of our fight for survival against all odds.

Somehow it is not politically correct to remember, mark, study, consider,or take pride in the incredible tale of Israel's War History. So it was a kind of guilty delight I experienced when I came across this full length (120 minutes) documentary film called "Israel's War History" being offered at a "one-third off" discount price of only $19.95.

"Israel’s War History is the most up-to-date comprehensive account of the battles that have shaped Israeli history and society. Tracing the Arab-Israeli conflict to British occupation of Palestine in 1917, Israel’s War History portrays the entire history of the State of Israel including the recent war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, and its aftermath.

Along with the in-depth accounts of the wars, this feature-length documentary also reviews the attempts at peace and the major milestones in Israeli history. With captivating narration, the story is told using rare and fascinating archive footage and interviews with most of Israel’s former prime ministers, including Menachem Begin, Yitzchak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres and Edud Barak,.

Hear Menachem Begin discuss Israel’s struggles, from when he was a wanted terrorist after the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, until he became the architect of peace with Israel’s strongest enemy, during the Israel – Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979. Listen to Yitzchak Rabin describe his life, from when he was a young soldier fighting in WWII for the British forces, to acting as Chief of Staff during the Six Day War, to his historic handshake on the Whitehouse lawn with Israel’s most hated enemy, Yasser Arafat. Former Prime Minister Peres adds a philosophical dimension to the film with his views on peace and war and the Jewish nation." -more

Only $19.95 (plus shipping)for this important film documentary

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