Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peace With Egypt (1989)

Peace With Egypt (1989) Dry Bones cartoon - .
Today's Golden Oldie is from March 1989.
It was the tenth anniversary of the Peace Agreement with Egypt.

Another twenty years have slipped by since I drew this cartoon. March 2009 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Egyptian/Israeli Peace Agreement. Back in 1979, when it was signed, pessimists said it wouldn't last. In this 1989 cartoon I bemoaned the fact that a warm peace had not developed between our two nations. But nobody could have predicted that the Agreement would hold to the extent that we, Egypt and Israel, would one day together maintain a blockade of terrorist-controlled Gaza.

* * *
At times like these I think of my friend Ihab. Please read about him by clicking on The Egyptian.

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