Monday, January 05, 2009

the Chess Player

An Iranian War : Dry Bones cartoon.
Hezbullah's leader Nasrallah may not be taking action at this time, but he's got advice for others. MEMRI reports that in statements posted on the Hezbullah website, Nasrallah:
Urges Egyptian officers "to Rebel Against Their Regime's Policies, Calls For Demonstrations in Arab and Muslim World to Pressure Governments"

...and he's also got a plan of action for the Egyptian man in the street:

"Let the Egyptian people go out on the streets in their millions. Can the Egyptian police arrest millions of Egyptians? No they can not! We all call upon the Egyptian people, because they are the ones facing this regimeā€¦ People of Egypt, you must open this Rafah crossing with your bare chests if you have to, and I do not hypothesize here. I'm talking from a position of [one who has] participated [in] the resistance, which fought for 33 days... sacrificed and gave [the lives of its] martyrs. [According to] what we know and what we hear about the officers and soldiers of the Egyptian Armed Forces, [they are] still proud of their Arabism, [and] continue to oppose Zionism, despite the decades [that have] passed since the (so-called) Camp David peace agreement... "-Nasrallah's full plan
* * *
We are now in the second week of war with the Hamas forces in Gaza. When elected, Hamas vowed to protect the Palestinian people.
They are now hiding behind them.

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