Friday, December 05, 2008

What If?

move the terrorist convicts to Sderot : Dry Bones cartoon.
"Hey listen to this!" said the LSW (Long Suffering Wife). Contrary to her request I did not pay attention as she read me something from the morning paper. A day or two later, while I was searching for a cartoon topic, she suggested "why don't you do a cartoon about that guy's idea?" My response was obviously "What guy? What idea?"

Turns out that what she had read me was a piece about somebody suggesting that Israel move its remaining terrorist convicts to an unfortified prison in Sderot (Gaza's favorite missile target).

"What a great idea!" I said (hearing it for the first time).

Unfortunately, the LSW couldn't remember any further details. We couldn't decide on what day this particular instance of my having not listened had taken place and we couldn't find the paper in the newspaper pile in our kitchen. So I don't know who thought of it. I won't say that no one has given his proposal some serious thought, after all that's what produced today's Dry Bones cartoon.

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