Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rain (1988)

Rain?(1988) Dry Bones cartoon - .
I did today's Golden Oldie exactly twenty years ago this month, back in December of 1988.

Israel is in one of those parts of the world where there's a rainy season, and by December, if there hasn't been serious rainfall it's time to start worrying and praying for rain to water the land. Twenty years ago, when I did the cartoon, we were so overwhelmed with problems that readers laughed at my bringing up the lack of rain.

* * *

I took a cab home yesterday, and heavy with thoughts of the terror attack on Mumbai, the missiles out of Gaza, organized crime, the upcoming elections, Olmert, and the spreading collapse of the world's economy I said to the driver "What do you think of the current situation?"

He said "We haven't had rain yet. It's the first of December and we haven't had rain yet!"

I knew exactly what he meant. He'd had enough of talking about the current situation.

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