Monday, November 17, 2008

Second Thoughts About Obama

Thinking about Obama: a Dry Bones cartoon.
It's really weird. It seems like some formerly anti-Obama people are now ready for something good, fresh, and innovative to come out of the Obama Presidency.

To see what the thinking is in Iran and the Arab States I had to turn to MEMRI, the folks who translate media reports from the original Arabic and Persian.

MEMRI quotes . . .

Iran's Ayatolla Khatami in this past Friday's sermon:
"It will be a foolish thinking if one thinks there will be change in U.S. policies. There are others behind the stage." -more
and says that. . .
Abd Al-Bari 'Atwan, editor-in-chief of the London daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi called on Obama to:
"'Impose American Model of Equality, Rights, and Opportunities on All Arab Countries,' Saying: In an Arab Country, Obama Would Be Told, 'You Are a Slave'; 'We Arabs Are The Epitome of Racism'" The interview aired on BBC Arabic TV on November 7, 2008:" to see the clip (subtitled in English) click on MEMRI TV
and, in an overview, MEMRI reports that

Reactions in the Arab world to the election of Sen. Barack Obama as U.S. president fell into two main categories: expressions of appreciation for the American democracy which had made his victory possible, and attempts to assess the impact of his election on the political future of the region.

For the complete MEMRI review click on MEMRI Overview

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