Friday, November 28, 2008

Murder in Mumbai

Murder in Mumbai: a Dry Bones cartoon.
The weather was lovely and so I decided to "get out" of my studio and do some cartoon script writing at a local sidewalk cafe. Israeli coffee houses provide the morning newspapers and it was from these that my wife and I first learned about the attack in Mumbai.

When we got back home we watched the news on Israel TV. I noticed that some of the "Breaking News" images being relayed on the TV broadcast carried English language graphics and the logo of IBN... so I googled up the URLs of some Streaming TV sites, found one that offered Indian sites ...selected IBN and we had live, 24 hour coverage by Mumbai reporters and commentators.

I remarked to my wife that this new age of communications was like living in the future, and she shushed me. She was chatting on the phone with a close friend and neighbor who comes from India. She'd called the cellphone and the woman answered, in Mumbai, where she was visiting at that very moment.

We live in an age of amazing technological wonders and a time of a terrible global threat.

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