Wednesday, October 15, 2008

American Gothic

American Gothic parody: a Dry Bones cartoon.
They keep telling us that this economic meltdown could be a replay of the 1929 stock market crash, so it was only natural that the image of the farm couple in Grant Wood’s fantastic "American Gothic" came to mind. But every attempt to draw the painting was a gross and grotesque failure, The piece was almost too holy for me to parody with taste.

I gave up, talked myself into believing that only the "real" image would work, and worked up a version of the cartoon with the real painting pasted in ...sort of like a captioned photograph. I showed it to a friend who said "Nice, but I'd like to see a Dry Bones version of the painting." So I gave it another try.

But I only succeeded in freeing my mind when I saw a Disney version called "Homegrown".

Hey if Disney could play with the image so could Dry Bones!

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