Monday, September 01, 2008

Israeli Mafia

the Israeli Mafia : a Dry Bones cartoon.
The Israeli Mafia??!

Well, we've now made it to international Mafia fan sites!!

There's MAFIA TODAY billed as "Your Source for Mafia related news from around the World". It's got "Mafia Family Charts", a "Mafia Movie Database" and the latest news.

And here's their latest update at the time of this writing:

Mob boss crony denies singing to American authorities

"An Israeli believed to be one of the key figures in the Abergil crime organization yesterday denied having either joined the FBI’s witness protection program or of testifying against an alleged Israeli kingpin.

Yoram Elal, who has been in Brazil for the past two years, told his brother on the phone from Brazil yesterday, “No witness program, no way, I have nothing to testify about.” -more

We haven't made it to the site's "Mafia Family Charts" or their "Mafia Movie Database" yet, but give it time.

* * *
Somewhere, someone is now planning a movie that does not portray us as the cruel oppressors of the innocent, downtrodden, and peace-loving Palestinians.

Somewhere, someone is now planning a movie that portrays us as cruel, drug-pushing Mafiosi.

* * *
Nu? So what do you think?

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