Monday, July 28, 2008

Olmert Hits Bottom

Olmert hits rock bottom, prepares to dig us even deeper into the hole : Dry Bones cartoon.
Yup, the Olmert government has hit rock bottom and is now preparing to dig us even deeper into the hole! Probably with some outrageous offer to appease the Syrians.
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Meanwhile the investigation into mounting corruption charges against our bumbling Prime Minister continues. Olmert's lawyers, of course, are crying foul. Here's the latest as reported by the Associated Press:

"JERUSALEM — Lawyers defending Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert against a widening web of corruption allegations launched their cross examination of a key witness Thursday by painting him as a lying, litigious businessman with an unsavory reputation and a faulty memory.

They also tried to erode the credibility of law enforcement authorities by suggesting that in their zeal to nail the prime minister, they alternatively intimidated the witness and offered him special treatment.

American Jewish businessman Morris Talansky did major political, if not legal, damage to Olmert last month by alleging the Israeli leader accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in part to fund his penchant for high living. Olmert has denied any wrongdoing but promised to resign if indicted.

The outrage provoked by Talansky's testimony in May seriously damaged Olmert's credibility among Israelis and prompted his Kadima Party to set new leadership elections, to be held by Sept. 25." -more

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Your thoughts? Predictions?

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