Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smell the Roses (1988)

1988 Dry Bones cartoon - Life is Sweet.
Our small front garden is outrageously beautiful these days with red, orange, and pink clouds of bougainvillea blossoms entwined with vines of purple morning-glories, all attracting the attention of the delightful and tiny hovering, hummingbird-like Israeli sun-birds. Today's Golden Oldie is from a similar day in May twenty years ago in 1988.

Later this week it'll be Lag Ba'Omer again. Lag Ba'Omer is as close to a peasant festival as it gets. Bonfires are lit all around the country with people singing and dancing and tossing wood to the hungry flames ...and like a new generation of sun-birds, a new generation of Israeli kids is on the scene to experience the excitement of life ...to "smell the roses"

As usual in the old "Friday Dry Bones" cartoons Mr. Shuldig's dog Doobie adds a lemon-like slice of cynicism to the old guy's saccharine observations.

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