Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hagee, CUFI, and Campaign 2008

Dry Bones cartoon: Hagee and CUFI and Campaign 2008.
The attacks on Pastor Hagee seem so obviously part of an "Obama had his extremist backer and so does McCain, so let's just forget about Obama's relationship with his pastor, Reverend Wright" campaign tactic, that I titled this cartoon "Campaign 2008".

Here's a Letter to the Editor that appeared in the New York Times on April 10, 2008

"To the Editor:

Re “For McCain, Little Talk of a Controversial Endorsement” (news article, April 8), about the Rev. John C. Hagee and the organization he founded, Christians United for Israel, and the reaction to his efforts on behalf of Israel:

Pastor Hagee has been a true friend of Israel for many years. Christians United for Israel is among the strongest supporters of Israel in the United States.

The signers of this letter have been chairmen of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and we appreciate and respect Pastor Hagee’s dedicated efforts and those of Christians United for Israel.

Harold Tanner
James Tisch
Mort Zuckerman
Mel Salberg
Lester Pollack
Shoshana Cardin
Ken Bialkin
New York, April 8, 2008"

It is also becoming embarrassingly clear that "united for Israel" is NOT what the American Jewish Community is at present.

To visit the CUFI website click on CUFI.

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