Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Mideast Mission

Dry Bones cartoon: Is Carter on a secret mission from Obama?
Everyone seems to be trying to figure out what Jimmy One Term is up to and why he is meeting with the Islamic/Palestinian terrorists at this time. Most experts figure it's Carter just "doing it again". Here's a rundown of opinion from CAMERA.
* * *
But hey! There's a major political battle going on in the Democrat Party. Clearly a Palestinian "flare-up" at this moment would put support of Israel and the War On Terror front and center in the U.S. primary battle. And that, one could argue, would put Obama on the hot seat. Could it be that the former President is actually on a diplomatic mission on behalf of the Obama candidacy? Sort of "cooperate now and we'll take care of you later" deal?

So is the off screen voice in today's cartoon being astute or "completely paranoid"?
What do you think?

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