Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Olympic Boycott (1980)

1980 Dry Bones cartoon - Boycotting the Moscow Olympics.
Because of the Occupied Tibet protests, there is a lot of mumbling about a possible boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games, to be held in China.

Today's Golden Oldie is from 1980.

Back then, more than twenty years ago, U.S. President Jimmy Carter reacted to the Soviet Russian invasion of Afghanistan with a boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games, which were to be held in Russia in the summer of 1980.

Today's Boston Herald discusses the idea of boycotting the Olympics under the headline :U.S. Olympic boycott among ’worst ideas ever’ . To read the piece just click on -Bad Idea

So what do you think?
Should we or shouldn't we?
And how does this "bad idea" rank alongside of Carter's other contributions to strategic thinking?

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