Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Candidates

Dry Bones cartoon: We need a Pro-Israeli Prime Minister.
As I write this the international media keeps quoting popularity and approval ratings for Obama, Hillary, McCain, and occasionally for George W.

Six months ago Time magazine listed Olmert's popularity rating among Israelis as having sunk at one point to about two percent! I've heard recent estimates that his approval rating has gone up a bit(?!)

...the latest figures (from a Maagar Mohot agency survey) indicate that about 19% of the Israeli public is NOT in favor of Olmert resigning. A poll in the Maariv daily had similar findings. -details.

And yet the disgraced and fumbling Israeli Prime Minister continues to hold onto power, trying to negotiate away Jerusalem to the Palestinians and unable to defend our civilians from the Hamas bombs.

So whom do we blame? And what, on earth, are we supposed to do when our Knesset representatives have neither the will or the ability to follow the obvious demands of the public?!


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