Monday, March 31, 2008

Brain Drain

Dry Bones cartoon: Trickle Down Stupidity.
I was on the phone with a friend in LA last night. I was babbling about Olmert when my friend complained:"You can't just keep saying that Olmert is stupid!" . . .and then he asked "Why is the Israeli government going along with it?!"

I blurted out "Trickle Down Stupidity". He laughed and I realized that I had the script for today's cartoon.

* * *
In case you live somewhere where the media is not keeping you posted ( i.e. most of the planet) here's some background info on

PLO threats

Palestinian incitement

Supplying them with weapons

* * *

So what's your answer to my American friend's question about why the Israeli government is following Olmert's lead? Do you have something better than "trickle down stupidity"?


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