Monday, February 04, 2008

The Time Traveler

Dry Bones cartoon: The Time Traveler returns to 1958 with investment tips about Google and Yahoo!
The news is that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo so as to compete with Google

The Robber Barons of a previous age created great wealth by building the railroads that became indispensable to the era of transportation. The rich and powerful "Robber Barons" of our age built the digital tools that became indispensable to the economy of our era. They are now in a war to divide the pie between them, as we watch.

The cartoon is based on the old science fiction idea. You send someone to the past with information about the future. The stock market, or Kentucky Derby winners, or whatever...

Since the two guys in the cartoon are in 1958 I drew one with a pink shirt (I had several in 1958) and the other with a really wide necktie and high waisted pants. The tie is in fact a copy of one that I owned and treasured back then.

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