Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Jewish Homeland (1998)

Dry Bones cartoon: Israel: National Homeland of the Jewish People, or a State Like Any Other State?
Back in February of 1998 I drew this cartoon bemoaning the fact that something was breaking down in the special relationship between the Jews of the world and the Jewish State. The cartoon is set in America and the character shown is an American Rabbi.

Ten years have now gone by and the relationship is now so unspecial that Prime Minister Olmert believes that he can negotiate Jerusalem away without the agreement and consent of World Jewry!

Which is why, if the projected snow doesn't stop me, I'll be spending the day in Jerusalem at the fifth Annual Jerusalem Conference where, it is promised, participants will include "key figures and policy makers in the political, economic, social, security/military, rabbinic and academic spheres of influence in Israel" along with "Jewish and non-Jewish political and religious leaders and opinion molders from around the world".

I'm hoping to hear some good news or at least some intelligent contingency plans.

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