Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hamas Plays Victim for the Media (1993)

1993 Dry Bones cartoon - Hamas plays the 'We're the Victims' card.
Today's Golden Oldie Dry Bones cartoon is from fifteen years ago. It was published on February 12, 1993. An unshaven Mr. Shuldig is planning to go to a Purim party as a Hamas "activist" posing as a victim for the media.

The Palestinian terrorists have terrorized and bullied their own people, persecuted the local Christians, and waged a merciless war to destroy the Jews and the Jewish State. And STILL the media reports on their "victimization" and their "suffering".

Below: Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (2008)
Newsphoto of Hamas legislators in Gaza City "forced" to use candles because of the "lack of electricity". The meeting was held in the middle of the day, so they had to close the curtains to prevent the sunlight from streaming in through the windows and ruining the effect.

Hamas candle hoax
For more info on the Gaza "outage" Hoax click here.

So why is the media STILL being taken in by the "poor Palestinian victims" story?

Your thoughts?

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