Friday, February 08, 2008

Canterbury Tales

Dry Bones cartoon: The Archbishop of Canterbury Proposes Adopting Sharia Law for Moslem Communities in Great Britain.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has now proposed adopting Sharia Islamic law for Moslem communities in Great Britain. Where will the insane appeasement end?

An editorial in today's Telegraph about the breaking story:

"Coming from the senior bishop in the Church of England, it is vulnerable to interpretation as appeasement of Islamic extremism prompted by fear of social unrest.

As for timing, the lecture was given shortly after threats had been made against one of Dr Williams's fellow bishops, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali of Rochester, for writing in the Sunday Telegraph that Islamic extremism had turned some communities into no-go areas for non-Muslims. Add to this the growing recognition of the failures of multiculturalism, and you have on the part of the archbishop a classic example of political ineptitude."- more

So what do you think?

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