Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visiting Egypt (1977)

1977 Dry Bones cartoon - Peace with Egypt... returning visiting Israeli journalists start flashing proof that they were actually there
Today's Golden Oldie Dry Bones cartoon is from December 1977. Exactly Thirty years ago.

Back then we were all caught up in the excitement of a real attempt at finding peace. We had a genuine partner for peace in Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Peace with Egypt! It was actually happening. So many Israeli journalists were in Cairo covering the story that I sent Mr. Shuldig's dog Doobie to join the Israeli media frenzy. (see previous cartoon)

Soon returning Israeli journalists start flashing proof that they had truly been there... they started showing off Egyptian money. Back in 1977 the currency in Israel was the Israeli Pound. In Hebrew the Israeli Lira. The plural of Lira is Lirot. Which is why Doobie (speaking in the Hebrew-infected English that we locals speak) says he's been asked for Five "Lirot".

Not only did Prime Minister Begin bring us peace with Egypt, he also dumped the Lira and instituted our proper national currency... the Shekel.

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