Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Winter (1986)

1986 Dry Bones cartoon - King Solomon waxes poetic. A man for all seasons.
Okay. I admit it. I really love this little besieged country that I live in. Sometimes it annoys my friends. That's what this "Golden Oldie" cartoon from 1986 is really about. And I haven't changed. The skies broke open this morning and winter rains drenched our streets, and roads, and fields, and pedestrians, and my living room.

Yup. I had meant to check the rain gutters and drains after the long dry summer... but well, doing this blog takes so much time and so our living room ceiling began to leak, in a number of places, puddles of water spreading across the floor...

So the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) and I got out a ladder and we used a broomstick to poke out the gunk that was clogging the drain.

We were both then soaked in the shower blast of all the previously dammed up water. I felt joy at the gift of rain that was cleansing and replenishing the land. I kept it to myself, however, the LSW being more concerned with the fact that her shoes were now filled with cold, dirty water and her clothes were soaked.

A happy, rain-filled winter to the Land of Israel!

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