Friday, November 30, 2007

Post Annapolis Background Sound

Dry Bones cartoon: Post Annapolis ...the clock is ticking.
I've spent my whole life as a professional cartoonist dealing with deadlines. They are very curious things, these deadlines. When you first get them, and mark them down on a calendar, they seem to be so very far away. No sweat. No pressure. Plenty of time.

And then, suddenly, they jump up and let you know that somehow time has slipped by, the deadline is looming, the squeeze is on, and hysteria sets in.

You'd think that the leadership of the Jewish State would be better at handling deadlines than some Jewish cartoonist. That they'd understand at the start what pressure they've signed up for at the end.

But you'd be wrong.

So when do YOU think that hysteria about the "Palestinian State by the end of 2008" Annapolis deadline will kick in?


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