Wednesday, November 28, 2007

George W.'s Clever Move

Dry Bones cartoon: Changing the goal.
We've been so hungry for good news that it was tempting to listen to the Annapolis speeches, look at the smiling faces, and try to find a ray of hope. But

1. Abbas explained that the terrorism is caused by the occupation.

2. Olmert expressed sympathy for the plight of Palestinian "refugees" with no mention of the Jewish refugees of 1948.

3.George W. changed the goal to one that he can actually pull off: the setting up of a Palestinian State... with no demands for an end to terror, or any demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish State, or even an end to the ongoing rocket and missile attacks being launched by Palestinians at Sderot and other Israeli towns.

Here in Israel a big deal was made of the fact that the Saudis applauded Olmert's speech. Frankly I was not surprised.

So tell me ...Were YOU surprised?

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