Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The First Shuldig (1973)

1973 Dry Bones cartoon - the first appearance of Mr. Shuldig.
As long as we're doing Golden Oldies, I dug up this cartoon from 1973! It is the very first appearance of a character I called Mr. Shuldig. Shuldig is Yiddish for guilt or blame. Since we Israelis never accept guilt or blame I thought it would be cool to have a character who would "take the blame". Unfortunately in this, his first appearance, he wheedled out of it and came on stage as a brash (note that Mr. Shuldig "pats himself on the back" in the punchline) "problem solver". (Kupat Holim is our socialized medical health-care system).

Mr. Shuldig somehow became my alter ego, so that when I want to say something "from me"... I use Mr. Shuldig.

Here's what Mr. Shuldig looks like today. Thirty four years later!

Less brash? More tired? What do you think?


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