Monday, August 20, 2007

Western Semantics

Dry Bones cartoon: Brit PM .
I assume that there are some people who would object to this cartoon about incitement coming from Islamic clerics. Only natural as the Western media continues to ignore the reality of this cruel and murderous mass movement which recruits followers in the name of Islam and sends its true believers to their deaths in missions of murder.

Here's what the Saudi Interior Minister (Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-Aziz) had to say about the problem. He pleaded for help from religious authorities to stop the threat. He said that young Saudis were being enticed to go to Iraq:

" order to carry out bombings. Either they strap on explosives belts and blow up in public places, or else they drive a car, crash into some place, and blow it up. Who are the ones who die? Are they senior officials? Are they soldiers in any army? No. The ones who die are innocent men, women, and children. Would you be pleased if your sons became tools of murder? This is the reality. Moreover, those who escape being killed come back here with deviant ideas, and they try to implement them in our society. Hence, security activity is insufficient if it is not accompanied by ideological activity. This is a virus in the body of this nation, and if we do not kill this virus, if we do not reach, diagnose, and kill it – it will remain. The men of the security agencies amputate a decaying organ in this body, but who should fight this deviant ideology, if not clerics and sheiks like you? I refer especially to the preachers and imams of the mosques."
Oh and if you want to see a video clip of him saying it, click on

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