Monday, August 27, 2007

Their Tragic Blunder

Dry Bones cartoon: Arabs being hit by the terrorism they sanctioned..
Just a few days ago I posted a piece about the Saudi Interior Minister recently appealing to Muslim clerics for help in stopping the plague that's been released. If you missed it (and the MEMRI video clip) click here.
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By the way, back in 2001, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Abd Al-Aziz Bin Abdallah Al-Sheik said:
"I am not aware of anything in the religious law regarding killing oneself in the heart of the enemy's ranks, or what is called 'suicide'. This is not a part of Jihad, and I fear that it is merely killing oneself." -more
The Mufti's words fell on deaf ears back then. The whole disaster of violence being played out daily in Iraq and the broader region has indeed turned into some Greek tragedy with evil unleashed, people blinding themselves, and dire prophets of doom.

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And speaking of Greek tragedy:

In Greek mythology Pandora, like Eve, was the first woman.

Pandora, like Eve, didn't listen to orders and unwittingly unleashed pain and suffering upon mankind.

Interesting that in such antithetical belief systems as Greek Paganism and Abrahamic Monotheism, there is one common thread.

Mankind blames his woes on womankind.

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