Monday, August 13, 2007

Global Warning

Dry Bones cartoon: Russian naval moves brings some serious global warming..
First the Russian moves at the North Pole and now, as reported by EuroNews:

Russia weighs relocation of Black Sea Fleet to Syria
"The head of the Russian Navy has raised the prospect of the Black Sea Fleet relocating to a Syrian naval base. Chief Admiral Vladimir Masorin emphasised the strategic importance of the Mediterranean to Russia during a visit to sailors in the Ukrainian port of Sebastapol. The Soviet Union withdrew warships from the Syrian port of Tartus in the 1990s, at the end of the Cold War"-more

Folks don't seem to be very concerned about the developing climate change brought about by the latest Russian moves around the globe... that's why I chose to title this cartoon Global Warning instead of Global Warming... (one of those subtle touches that I figure nobody notices).

Today's Global Warning cartoon is a follow-up to a Dry Bones cartoon I did two Friday's ago. I titled that one Pole Dance... (another overly cutesy touch).

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