Friday, August 10, 2007

Can You Dig It?

Dry Bones cartoon: A Moat Between Egypt and Gaza?.
The story of Abbas's asking Egypt to dig a moat was reported yesterday in the Jerusalem Post:

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo Thursday and appealed to him to authorize the construction of a moat that would prevent weapons being smuggled into the Gaza Strip from Egypt via the Philadelphia Corridor, Channel 1 reported Thursday.

Abbas proposed that the corridor, currently a land barrier under which terror groups dig tunnels in order to move weapons and ammunition, be turned into a trench and flooded with sea water.

Once the corridor was flooded, any tunnels dug beneath it would collapse.


The setting up of a new Hamas "naval" unit is reported in the Times (UK):

It may not have any ships, sailors or seafaring equipment, but those logistical details have not prevented Hamas, the Islamist movement that rules the Gaza Strip, from launching a naval defence force.

'The requirements to join are that you have to be a good soldier, be fit, and know how to swim,' said the coastal patrol’s only confirmed member and commander, Jamil al-Dahashan, a veteran of the armed wing of Hamas. -more

* * *
So what do you think is really going on? ...And more importantly, what do you think will happen next in this "good terrorist/bad terrorist" stage play that seems to be unfolding before us.


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