Friday, July 13, 2007

Pasteur in Politics. . .

Dry Bones cartoon: To stop the spread of Islamist terrorism we need to stop the spreading of the Islamist Ideology.
An antiSemitic, antiFemale, antidemocratic, fascist movement is now challenging Western civilization around the world. Any intelligent defense of democracy would require that we investigate, analyze, and try to understand the appeal of this poisonous movement.

Captured terrorists provide us with an opportunity to study the phenomenon up close... But apparently neither Israel, America, Europe, or India have yet come to recognize that fact. The holding pens of America's Gitmo facility and Israeli prisons should be laboratories for the study of these zombified "True Believers". They have not. Instead they have become organizational centers for IslamoFascists.

Will the West come to understand (before it's too late) that we can't win an ideological war without confronting the enemy ideology?

So what do you think?


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