Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Showtime!

Dry Bones cartoon: Showtime! It's the Summer of 2007, Everything old is new again.

Years ago I was having a bad day (deadlines and money pressure) and decided, on the spur of the moment, to take in a movie. At that time there was this little theater off of Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. The movie posters showed what was obviously a fun-filled, light-weight, all singing, all dancing, piece of fluff. Possibly a revival of some old broadway musical. The name of the movie was "All That Jazz"... and as you probably know, it turned out to be anything but fun-filled and light-weight.

The film tells the story of a brilliant but exhausted director/choreographer who has to pump himself up each morning to face the challenges of yet another new day. Each morning the weary "song and dance man" stares at himself in the mirror and motivates himself to do the impossible yet one more time with the announcement that "It's Showtime!"

* * *
What's happening now in Israel is that, as the Summer of 2007 approaches, we're pulling ourselves together, looking into the mirror, and getting ready to do our stuff by telling ourselves that, once again, "It's Showtime!"

All That Jazz: IT'S SHOWTIME!

It's Showtime!

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