Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blabbermouth: Gaza 2007

Dry Bones cartoon: Hamas gets some bad press in Gaza.
Although I could have written the cartoon as a satire, it is, in fact, true. The "But we're not Jews" story was reported by the British newspaper, the Telegraph. Quoting their Gaza reporter:
"'We're not Jews' the brother of Jamal Abu Jediyan, a Fatah commander, pleaded during a live telephone conversation with a Palestinian radio station.

Minutes later both men were dragged into the streets and riddled with bullets." -more

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Meanwhile, the Arab descent into anti-Arab violence seems to be spreading across the region. As I write these words, news is coming in of an attack on a major Shi'ite site in Iraq.
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Returning to Gaza, Human Rights Watch has accused Hamas and Fatah of war crimes against civilians in Gaza :
"Over the past three days 'both Fatah and Hamas military forces have summarily executed captives, killed people not involved in hostilities, and engaged in gun battles ... inside and near Palestinian hospitals,'

Among other atrocities, it cited the killing of Muhammad Swairki, 28, a cook for the guard of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah. Mr Swairki was thrown to his death from a 15-storey building with his arms and legs bound.

Later Fatah forces captured Muhammad al-Ra'fati, a Hamas supporter, and executed him in the same way." -more

DEBKAfile’s military sources tie the new fighting in Gaza with the ongoing fighting in Lebanon between the Syrian-backed Fatah Al Islam and the Lebanese Army:

"Iran and Syria are the winners of Hamas’ military coup against Fatah in Gaza Strip" -more

And YNetNews claims that Fatah and Hamas are now preparing for a "huge conflict":

"Both Fatah and Hamas are preparing for an even larger confrontation in the coming hours, in a fight for control of various power centers in Gaza, sources from both factions told Ynet Tuesday night. Many of these are located near the office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas" -more.

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It looks like our Dry Bones cartoon from a year and a month ago (May 2006) had it right:

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