Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arab Cease-Fire (1976)

1976 Dry Bones cartoon - the 52nd cease-fire in the Lebanese Civil War.
The news coming in as I write these words is that yet another cease-fire has been announced in the increasingly vicious and bloody war in Gaza between Fatah (PLO) and Hamas (the Iranian-backed group of Islamic crazies founded by the Egyptian "Moslem Brotherhood").
* * *
A journalist friend just called to claim, in frustration, that she'd invented the term "Hamastan" which everybody is using to describe the Islamic state now rising on the land from which Israel withdrew. She was angry because she'd not been given credit for her light bulb moment... It was then that I had my flash of creativity, and, not wanting to be cheated of proper credit, I'm going public with it. Now.

The whackos and zanies in Gaza have gone berserk! So here's my name for the new Bizarro state next door: GAZANIA...

Hey, maybe we should open this up to public discussion. What's YOUR suggestion for naming the new country next door?

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