Monday, June 18, 2007

Activists in Gaza

Dry Bones cartoon: Hamas and Fatah PLO. which ones are the 'good' terrorists?
Ehud Olmert is off telling the world that Israel can now have peace talks with the Palestinian Authority because Hamas now controls Gaza! Why on Earth does Olmert think that this disaster enhances the chances for a peace agreement? The answer is simple. Abbas and the PA do not now control Gaza, so now they wont be expected (in any agreement) to stop missiles fired from Gaza... or infiltrating kidnap gangs from Gaza... or new tunnels... or whatever.

* * *

In assessing our situation we need to remember that our main enemy at this point in history is Iran (Persia). Let's not forget that the Persians invented the game of chess. They now control Gaza on our south and they've got another piece (Hizbullah) on our north.This deadly game requires our best and our brightest.

And that is just not Ehud Olmert.

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