Monday, May 28, 2007

Study Buddies

Dry Bones cartoon: Olmert and Peretz are getting a make-up exam in Sderot... unfortunately they're not doing very well.
I drew our incompetent leadership as kids who are failing their make-up test. The truth is that neither Prime Minister Olmert nor our bumbling Defense Minister Peretz had the experience to handle the positions they now hold. What to do about the ongoing war being waged against us from Gaza and currently focused on the Negev city of Sderot seems to have stumped them.

Today, in Israel, the Labor Party is holding primary elections to choose a new Party Chairman. There are five candidates: Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, MKs Ami Ayalon and Ophir Pines-Paz. Barak is running on the basis of being the only one with the experience to lead the country in time of war. As the news headline on YNet puts it: "Barak: I'd lead Israel best in war"

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