Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Shavuot Holiday (1997)

1997 Dry Bones cartoon: Shavuot.

Tonight (Tuesday May 22, 2007) is the eve of the Shavuot holiday, so I'm posting this Golden Oldie from 1997. When I was a kid growing up in America, the holiday was called Shavuos, but these days (I think) the Israeli Hebrew Shavuot has taken over.

There are many reasons given for the emphasis on eating cheese and other dairy products. I've never seen what is the most obvious one. At Passover time the baby calves, goats,and lambs were born. This, of course triggered the production of milk in their mothers. Now, seven weeks later, much of the milk has been saved as cheese.

I know that my explanation lacks all the intricate and beautiful Talmudic reasoning that illuminates and explains our customs.

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