Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Confidence Vote (1979)

1979 Dry Bones cartoon - We were not happy with the government and we didn't like the opposition.
To understand this cartoon from November 1979 you need to understand our system of government.

At election time we get to vote for a political party of our choosing. It might be the Labor Party, or the legalize marijuana guys, or the National Religious Party, or the Likud, or the Retired People's Party, or... If a party wins 10% of the vote then they get to fill 10% of the seats in our parliament (the Knesset). If they win 30% of the vote, they get 30% of the Knesset seats.

After the elections, the newly-elected Knesset meets to vote for a group of Knesset members to become the new government. The Knesset, having been elected by the people, can dismiss a government by voting that it has no confidence in it any longer. I think it's a neat system.

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