Monday, May 07, 2007

Israel's Troubles

Dry Bones cartoon: The Olmert crew refuses to resign, the public is frustrated, and so it goes..

The world is in the grip of a great religious war. Their side is bursting with millions of true believers. Folks who believe in the reality and power of their god Allah, and who subject themselves to his commands and demands.

"Our" side, i.e. the West, has largely lost its way in this conflict because it has lost its belief system. Normative Jews and Christians find it uncomfortable to use terms like "chosen people" or "promised land". Most of us are ignorant of the body of both Jewish and Christian prophecy which seems to have predicted and described this period of turmoil in which we live. Yesterday I gave a lecture to a group of Jews visiting Israel, and after I explained some of the principles driving the Islamic Jihad, I was asked "What do we Jews believe?"

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Today's posting is called "Israel's Troubles" as a reference to "Jacob's Troubles".

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