Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hamas Terror Mouse

Dry Bones cartoon: Keep your hands off our Mouse!!.
Palestinian Media Watch reports:
The force behind Hamas TV’s controversial Mickey Mouse clone said today that his children’s television program will continue to promote worldwide Islamic supremacy, for everyone's benefit, including Christians and Jews.

In a long interview on Hamas TV, Hazim Al-Sha’arawi, Deputy Director of Al-Aqsa TV and one of the creators of the Hamas children’s TV show Tomorrow’s Pioneers, said that using the program to promote Islamic rule over other religions is actually promoting “justice, goodness and world love.”

Al-Aqsa TV and the Palestinian Authority have been under fire since PMW reported last week that Tomorrow’s Pioneers was using a character named Farfur, a knockoff of Disney’s Mickey Mouse character, to convey messages about Islamic supremacy as well as hatred of Jews, Israel and the U.S. Despite public statements by PA Minister of Information Mustafa Barghouti that the show would be taken off the air until it could be reviewed and revised, a new episode of the program – featuring Al-Sha’arawi as one of the hosts – ran Friday.

Al-Sha’arawi said in yesterday’s interview that he wants to raise Palestinian children so that they can achieve "Islam's natural place" of world rule – in essence saying that although the Christians and Jews do not understand this yet, Islamic world rule is really best for them as well.-more

Click to see the Hamas Mouse on Palestinian TV
Click to see the Hamas Mouse on Palestinian TV

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