Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fort Dix Targeted

Dry Bones cartoon: Proof that the Bush-supporters are Wrong!.

Here's the story as reported in the Khaleej Times, an English language newspaper in Dubai:

6 men charged in plot to attack US Fort Dix
9 May 2007

FORT DIX, New Jersey - Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused of plotting to attack an Army post in Fort Dix and slaughter scores of US soldiers a scheme the FBI says was foiled when the men asked a store clerk to copy a video of them firing assault weapons and screaming in Arabic about jihad, or holy war.

The defendants, all men in their 20s from the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East, include a pizza deliveryman suspected of using his job to scout out the military base.

The six were arrested Monday night trying to buy AK-47 assault weapons, M-16s and other weapons from an FBI informant, authorities said.

They appeared in federal court Tuesday in Camden, New Jersey, and were ordered held without bail for a hearing Friday. Five were charged with conspiracy to kill US military personnel; the sixth was charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigrants in obtaining weapons.

Their goal was to kill as many American soldiers as possible’ with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and guns, prosecutors said. -more

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