Thursday, May 10, 2007


1995 Dry Bones cartoon - moving the American embassy to Jerusalem? Mentioning the Arab boycott? Complaining about the PLO Charter? Yup. it's Israel being an Obstacle to Peace. Again.
The crossword puzzle was invented in 1913 by a guy named Arthur Wynne. His puzzle was published in the New York World. It was diamond-shaped, had no "blanks" (black squares). I never saw the fun in crossword puzzles. As a kid, when I got my hands on a newspaper I always went straight for the "funnies".

So for you intellectual types, here's Wynne's invention... the World's First Crossword:

For the clues (and the solution) click here.

* * *
And for you non-intellectual types here's a personal favorite! It's a free and comprehensive online library of Superman Comic Books from when I was a kid! If that interests you, just click here!
* * *
I'm curious. What's your preference? The challenge of of the crossword or the adventures of the last son of Krypton?


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