Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CNN (1992)

1981 Dry Bones cartoon - trying to make it through the final hours of the year in one piece.
Today's Golden Oldie is a cartoon from May 1, 1992. Two days earlier, on April 29, a jury had acquited four L.A. cops in the beating of Rodney King. The verdict triggered six days of riots in L.A., which we in Israel were watching on CNN.
Thousands of people participated in the riots, and the violence and looting spread to other parts of Los Angeles County. Federal troops and the California National Guard were called in. According to the book, "The L.A. Riots -- What Really Happened" by James D. Delk, 54 people were killed, there were 2,383 reported injuries, and 13,212 people were arrested. More than 1,100 buildings were damaged or destroyed. There were also riots in several other cities; 300 people were arrested in Atlanta. Reginald Denny, a White truck driver, was pulled from his truck and attacked during the riots. He later testified that more than 90 bones in his face were broken during the beating.-more

One year earlier CNN was showing Tel Aviv being hit by Scud missiles in the First Gulf War.

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