Friday, April 13, 2007

The New UN Guy

Dry Bones cartoon: Will the new UN guy, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon take on the Islamofascists?
Ynet reports:
Former US President Bill Clinton gave UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon a vote of confidence after a 45-minute discussion of global hotspots. ''I think he's got a great handle on this job,'' Clinton said after the meeting Thursday. ''I think he's going to do fine.''

''We just wanted to have a visit,'' Clinton said. ''We have talked a little bit about the work I did for the UN before and we talked about all the issues.''

* * *

So will the UN ever face the threat of Islamofascism? Or will the Islamists take over the UN? Or have they already taken control? Will left/liberals in the West ever cast off their blinders of Political Correctness and see what's happening before it's too late?

So what's YOUR opinion?


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