Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hamas Hostage Taking

Dry Bones cartoon: Palestinian's plan a campaign of kidnapping.
Hamas is being totally open about their plans for a campaign of kidnappings. Read about it in this Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin.

Click to see a subtitled video [Al Aqsa TV, Hamas, April 18, 2007] of the Palestinian call for more kidnappings (courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch).

Below is a transcript of what you'll actually see and hear:

Member of the Legislative Council Um-Nasser Farachat:“With no connection to my being a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and my involvement in the leadership, as a Palestinian citizen, by God, I don’t believe in any solution other than one: kidnapping Zionist soldiers.”

The newscaster:
"The kidnapping of more Zionist soldiers [is required]… 10 Zionist soldiers – maybe less – will guarantee the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners."

Sa’id Siam, Former interior minister:“There were suggestions to repeat the operations of kidnapping other Israeli soldiers, because we know that the occupation understands no other language. Second, the capture of the [single] soldier will not be enough cause for the release of [the] over 10,000 prisoners… There are many suggestions, but what’s important is what will actually be done.”

Member of the Legislative Council Um-Nasser Farachat:“We hope that with the help of Allah, praise and extol him, the kidnappers will stick with their demands and will not lower their demands in any way… until they [the Israelis] will surrender to our conditions.”

The newscaster's summation:
“A number of suggestions were brought up during the meeting of the Legislative Council, and the most prominent was the call for further kidnappings of Zionist soldiers as a solution to end the prisoners’ suffering.”

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