Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two Women (1979)

1979 Dry Bones cartoon - Israel's runaway inflation. Big sale... everything at 50 percent of next year's prices.
Today is International Women's day

Today's Golden Oldie stars two women trying to deal with what was our biggest problem back in '79. Israel's runaway inflation had reached an incredible 111%!

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As I write this International Women's Day posting, news is coming in from Iran. The headline is:

Iranian Women Arrested at Rally Protesting Detention of Women's Rights Activists

"According to unofficial reports, around 30 people were detained, including some of the most prominent women's rights activists in Iran.
The protesters had gathered in front of the revolutionary court in solidarity with five women on trial over their roles in a demonstration which was broken up by police in June last year."


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So how is your International Women's Day going?

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