Friday, March 09, 2007

Punch Drunk

Dry Bones cartoon: Our PM is fighting with our Defense Minister, our comptroller says we're being led by incompetents, our President is being charged with rape, Hizbullah is rearming, Iran is testing missiles, and our Health Ministry didn't tell us about the killer bacteria because they ' didn't want to panic us' ?!!!'.
Our Health Ministry tried to deal with it in secret, so as not to "panic the public." Well the story got out and the latest local headline reads:

Killer Bug Sows Panic in Israel

"Jerusalem - A killer bacteria resistant to antibiotics is sowing panic across Israel as it sweeps through hospitals, leaving scores dead and afflicting hundreds more.

Five hundred people in more than 10 hospitals have been struck down with the lethal Klebsiella bacteria strain in the past six months, with 30 percent of cases ending in death, senior health ministry official Yair Amikam told AFP.

Battling to cope, the health ministry is demanding an extra half a billion dollars to improve hospital infrastructure and for hundreds of new beds, as doctors raise alarm bells of a wildfire epidemic failing decisive action."

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