Monday, March 12, 2007

Not Just Another Pretty Face . . .

Dry Bones cartoon: BBC survey finds Israel to be the most negatively viewed country in the world.
"The BBC survey gave respondents a list of 12 countries and asked whether they had a 'mostly positive or mostly negative influence in the world.' The country with the highest number of mostly negative responses overall is Israel (56% negative, 17% positive), followed by Iran (54% negative 18% positive), the United States (51% negative, 30% positive), and North Korea (48% negative, 19% positive).

Israel also stands out for having the largest number of countries (23 of 27) viewing it negatively. Iran is regarded unfavourably in 21 countries, the United States and North Korea in 20." -more

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Here's what Conservative Thoughts thinks:

"What does this poll have to do with reality? First of all Israel the most hated country? Of course everyone hates the Jews Zionists. Especially in Islamic countries where children are taught that Jews are monkeys and pigs. Then we have the USA rated worse that communist and socialist countries where human rights and freedoms are virtually non-existent. North Korea is rated in a more positive light that the USA? Pollsters should have asked which country would you rather live the US or North Korea; I bet those numbers would change dramatically." -more

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What do YOU think?

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