Thursday, March 15, 2007

Media Messages (1997)

1997 Dry Bones cartoon: Palestinian Incitement Ignored, Israeli Archeology Condemned.
Today's Golden Oldie is from ten years ago this month. March 1997. The news at that time was that Palestinian incitement was ignored by the Media, while Israeli archeology and the building of homes was condemned.

* * *
As it was then, so it is now.

The latest incitement began when Israel began work to repair the crumbling earthen ramp leading to an entrance to the Temple Mount. The Islamic Movement in Israel accused Israel of destroying the Al Aksa mosque (which stands on the Temple Mount). By the way, Israel has now begun webcasting LIVE video images of the excavations and repair work in "an effort to allay Muslim fears that the work would damage nearby Islamic shrines". See for yourself. Check it out at The Israel Antiquities Authority website.

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